Tuesday 7 January 2014

Character Filled Dutch Apartment

Let's kick this year off with my favourite kind of post - a house tour. I love seeing how others create their sanctuaries - it's the best way to get inspired. This beautiful studio apartment is located in Larens, Holland. Clean white walls and contrasting dark floorboards throughout provide the perfect base. They have then layered simple, beautiful furniture pieces on top, all with a gorgeous earthy, rustic feel.

The colour palette of golden browns and tealy blues is simply divine. So pretty, and using subtle, slightly muddy colours is a great way to introduce colour to your home if you don't love bright, intense colours as much.

I'm definitely not a minimalist, but I don't do clutter either. This home has just the right amount of 'bits & pieces' to make it homely, without feeling too busy. Everything has a place and a purpose, even if it's purpose is just to look good! What about you?... are you a 'less is more' sort of person when it comes to decorating, or do you like to be surrounded by lots of treasures?

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  1. What a gorgeous little cottage, it is lovely and light and I absolutely love the thatched roof. I hadn't realised they had thatch in Holland, I thought only in the UK.



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