Monday 20 January 2014


I spent a lot of my childhood building forts and cubbies and little homes, and I now watch my girls doing the same. The joy of having your own little space to decorate and hang out in is magical. Obviously I still find joy in decorating spaces, and I've never outgrown my fascination with small spaces. I absolutely loved the recent TV programme and book, George Clarke's Amazing Spaces - seeing people's creativity and how cleverly they transformed various tiny spaces into something... well, amazing!

George's own caravan transformation was my favourite. He took an old caravan similar to the one he'd spent his childhood in and turned it into the most incredible holiday home. The walls opened up and the side folded down into a deck. There are so many clever space-saving features in the interior too - I highly recommend the book.

After spending the last couple of weeks working at home with my three energetic girls also at home, I have been hankering for an office tucked quietly away at the bottom of the garden, or anywhere that allows me my own space. I've been dreaming of a cute little caravan, or a cool re-purposed shipping container, and on my internet travels I came across this super cool Port-a-Bach.

Designed and built by Wellington architecture and design company, Atelierworkshop, it's created from a shipping container, and folds up to a fully enclosed exterior steel shell, making it extremely secure. Unfold it to create a brilliant living space that comfortably sleeps two adults and two children.

Atalierworkshop's Port-a-Bach is not in production but they do accept commissions to design customised container building solutions. To find out more visit their website.

Maybe one day soon I'll get my own clever, tiny space at the bottom of the garden!


  1. It would be a dream to holiday in one of these! Have a great week Vic.

    Amy x

    1. Yep cool to holiday in, but I'd love one to work in Amy x

  2. I loved George's caravan tranformation as well :)
    The man he had working for him, had amazing skills. I loved how they set up the sleeping area. I didn't realise there was a book as well, so thank you for the link, i'll have to look into it. :)
    Have a great day.

    1. I loved William, wasn't he cool! The sleeping areas were genius and I loved the kitchen that turned into an outdoors kitchen. I bought the book for my sister who is restoring a vintage caravan, it's really great. Might have to get a copy for myself x

  3. The shipping container port-a-bach for is genius! x


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