Wednesday 22 January 2014

Mini Kitchen Reno

A Bibby + Brady client of ours hired Dael and I recently to help her with a mini kitchen renovation. She didn't want an entirely new kitchen, she was happy with the layout, but just wanted to freshen it up. The cupboards and cabinetry were a dark brown and the walls were painted a creamy colour. The floor tiles were to remain for now, but the space definitely needed to be lightened and brightened.

To start the process Dael & I put together a concept board with some inspiration, our pick of paint colours, fabrics and furniture. I've always loved sunshine yellow in the kitchen. Teamed with crisp white, it's such a refreshing and cheery combination. We chose to paint most of the cupboards white, and the large pantry and fridge alcove were painted a gorgeous bright yellow. The walls were also lightened with a soft white. The family has a great dining room, but the empty corner (pictured above) was crying our for a little kitchen booth - perfect for breakfast and informal dining. The booth seat was covered in a practical and cool dark denim fabric and layered with some colourful cushions. A Boho-inspired fabric was chosen for the blinds.

Accents of warm wood bring warmth and texture to the room, and the curves in the table, chairs and light work well in conjunction with the straight lines all around. If you're interested in anything featured in this mood board or if you'd like some help with your own home or office, feel free to get in touch with Dael or I.

These last two photos were taken by our fabulous client after the painting of the cabinetry was finished. We're so thrilled with how the colours have transformed the kitchen. We've recommended those small vertically stacked brown tiles be replaced with white tiles. Because she lives outside of Hawke's Bay we haven't yet had a chance to visit in person, but we hope to get there very soon to see how everything has come together. Once we do I'll make sure to post lots of beautiful 'after' photos here on the blog.


  1. Love the yellow! Can i ask what or who you used to paint over the kitchen cupboards?

    1. Thanks Brooke. Talk to your local spray painters - you might have to do some research and find some that are experienced in kitchen cabinetry. They should be able to come and look at your cupboards and talk to you about your options. They'll remove your cabinetry, take it away to spray, and then re-fit. Good luck x


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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