Wednesday 8 January 2014

Treasure your Memories

The rooms and interiors that I am most drawn to are those that tell a story. Layers of memories that have been collected over time to create a space unique to you.


If you are fortunate enough to travel, especially to countries with different cultures, be sure to bring home treasures that will remind you of your adventures. But if trips abroad are not on your agenda right now, we are lucky enough to have some incredible online shops that specialise in such pieces. Fenton & Fenton in Melbourne is the result of Lucy Fenton's desire to combine her love of travel with her passion for unusual homeware.

Sibella Court is well known for her travels to terrains less trodden, many that are documented in her series of beautiful books. Her shop The Society Inc. is home to an abundance of curiosities and treasures found overseas.

Anna Spiro is a super talented interior designer whom I admire greatly. Her shop Black & Spiro has a collection of gorgeous wares from all over the world.

Anna Spiro photos via

These are three of my most favourite shops, all based in Australia, but all available to us by way of their websites. If you want unique pieces from New Zealand shops try Republic Home for a gorgeous, eclectic collection; So Vintage who specialise in vintage and industrial pieces from France and Europe; and of course, at Cush & Nooks we have a range of stunning kantha quilts and kantha mini poufs. Find pieces you love and build your own memories around them.

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