Monday 27 January 2014

Small Spaces

Decorating in small areas can be tricky, but if you're clever there are lots of ways you can make them work. Bunk and loft beds are a brilliant way to utilise available space, and if need be, you can have them made especially to fit. The built-in storage in the bunk below is genius, and the down lights on the top cupboards are a nice touch.

Having a loft bed allows you to use the space below in a number of ways - another bed, drawers and shelving, a sofa, or a desk. This works really well in a child's bedroom.

Talking of desks, we often need one at home to work at, but if you can't spare a whole room for an office, a little nook can do the job. The table below couldn't fit this space any better. Having a stool means it can be tucked away underneath when not in use without taking up precious space (this one is a little bit low to be used at a desk, but you get the idea).

You can use a cupboard to house your little office, which you can then close up out of sight. I love this one below with a fold down shelf and a door-hung magazine rack.

One of my favourite space savers is the kitchen/dining nook. If you don't have a lot of room for a large dining table, a booth seat against the wall is a great solution.

And these examples below show you how you can rock a wall mounted table. Small, but clever, the lack of legs gives the illusion of space in a small area.

One of the smallest spaces in our home is the laundry. Not many of us have the luxury of an entire room, it's more likely to be hidden behind a cupboard. That can be totally functional as you can see below. Having a front loading washer and dryer side by side gives you a handy surface for folding washing. Wall mounted shelves hold all the necessities.

Or if you stack the washer and dryer on top of each other you could have room for a sink to the side. This example below is an excellent use of space with pretty good storage for such a tiny area.

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Don't let size matter, think creatively, you can make that small space work. If you need any help with yours, contact us at Bibby + Brady, Dael & I would love to help.

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